Department of Food Science and Technology


The philosophy of the programme is to produce well trained food scientists and technologists, capable of working in existing food industries using locally available raw materials to set up cottage food processsing industries (to reduce post harvest food losses) as well as make nutritious and wholesome food available to consumers particularly in Nigeria and West African sub region.

This is achieved through intensive training in biochemical processes of food materials and the application of enerigneering technology to food processing, preservation and storage. the students are prepared to be self reliant and have entrepreneurial drive particularly in the areas of adding value to local raw and food materials and thereby minimising the poor harvest losses.


The objectives of the programme are to:

(i) Train skilled, technical and managerial manpower for agro-allied industries;

(ii) produce graduates that can establish, manage and direct small scale food processing and aillied industries using locally available raw materials in line with the institutions motto:Technology for Self Reliance;

(iii) produce qualified personnel that will be involved in consultancy services in food product development, research and development, processing and preservation; which will reduce post-harvest food losses and graduates job creator graduates rather than job seeker;

(iv) equip graduates with knowledge of design and fabrication of food processing equipment and thereby assisting to develop traditional technology; and

(v) turn out graduates that are qualified to teach food science and technology and allied courses in appropriate institution of higher learning.